Acronis Cyber Protect Unattended Installation

Acronis Cyber Protect for Cloud is a comprehensive cybersecurity and data protection solution designed specifically for cloud environments. It combines advanced backup and disaster recovery capabilities with cutting-edge cybersecurity features, all within a single integrated platform. This solution is geared towards businesses and organizations that operate in cloud-based environments, allowing them to safeguard their critical data, applications, and systems while ensuring the highest level of cybersecurity.  This article explains how IT professionals use Intune for Acronis Cyber Protect unattended installation.

Key features of Acronis Cyber Protect for Cloud include: 

  • Backup and Recovery 
  • Cybersecurity Protection 
  • Anti-Malware and Anti-Ransomware 
  • Vulnerability Assessment 
  • Integrated Disaster Recovery 
  • AI-Powered Protection 
  • Easy Management and Monitoring 
  • Compliance and Data Privacy 

Unattended installations of Acronis Cyber Protect

1- Login on Acronis Cyber Protect Admin Panel and Click on Clients in the Left Menu

Acronis Cyber Protect Unattended Installation

2- Click on Manage Service

Acronis Manage Service

3- Click on Machines with Agent and then click on Add

Acronis Unattended Installation

4- Click on Generate Button

Acronis Agent Token

5- Select Token lifetime and Select user, Click on Generate Token

Acronis Agent Installation

6 – Click on Windows to download Acronis Cyber Protect Agent Installer.

Cyber Protect Offline Installer

7-  Run the Installer and select “create .mst and .msi files for unattended installation”

Create Cyber Protect Unattended Installation

8-  In “What to Install” section click specify.

Cyber Protect Windows Setup

9- Select Agent for Windows and click done.

Cyber Protect Agent for Windows

10- In “Registration settings” click specify.

Cyber Protect Unattended Settings

11- Select “Use registration token”, enter the token, and click done.

Cyber Protect Registration Token

12- Click proceed.

Cyber Protect

13- Enter the Path where you want to generate the installation files.

Cyber Protect Offline Installer

Cyber Protect Agent Installer

You will see that .msi and .mst files are created along with other files. You can also use it as Acronis Cyber Protect offline installer.

Acronis Cyber Protect Unattended Installation



Acronis Cyber Protect Unattended Installation Using Intune

14 – Create a folder “Installer” and a subfolder  “Data”
15- Copy all the files to the “Data” folder which we created in steps 1-12.

Acronis Unattended Installation

16- Create a file “InstallAcronis.bat” and copy the following code. /qn switch will be used for Acronis silent install.

start msiexec /i “%~dp0BackupClient64.msi” TRANSFORMS=BackupClient64.msi.mst /qn

16- You can use “IntsallAcronis.bat” to create your Intune package. You can follow the method from step 5 to step 6.

Acronis Cyber Protect for Cloud offers a robust solution for cybersecurity and data protection tailored to cloud environments. With its comprehensive features, including backup and recovery, advanced cybersecurity protection, anti-malware, vulnerability assessment, integrated disaster recovery, AI-powered security, and user-friendly management tools, it provides a powerful safeguard for businesses and organizations operating in the cloud. The unattended installation process through Intune simplifies deployment, making it a convenient choice for securing critical data and systems in the cloud.

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