Step By Step Installation of Windows 2016 Standard on Lenovo Flex System x240 Compute Node

Lenovo x240 is a high-performance Intel Xeon processor-based node which is mostly used for high-end application for blazing performance or virtualization. In this article, we will cover step by step installation process from RAID configuration to installation of Windows 2016 Server operating system. IBM / Lenovo servers are not designed to do straight windows installation, as we normally do use Windows OS bootable CD. In contrast to the traditional installation process, IBM /Lenovo provides IBM Server guides to make this process easy for system admins.

IBM Flex x240

Step By Step Installation of Windows 2016 Standard on Lenovo Flex System x240 Compute Node

Step 1– Visit IBM/Lenovo website to download IBM guide for configuration of RAID and OS Installation

Step 2– Logon to Flex System, Right click the node

IBM Flex Remote Control

Step 3– Select Icon to Mount Remote Media , Select an image from Mounting Options and Click Add to Browse the ISO image of Server guide which we downloaded in step 1. Check the Box and Click Mount All.

Mount Remote Media

Mount Remote Media Lenovo

IBM Server Guide

Step 4– Restart the Node , Press F12 for Boot Menu, Select IMM Remote Mount

IMM Remote Mount Bios

Step 5– Select Language and Other Settings , Click Next
Step 6– Select RAID configuration and OS deployment

IBM RAID and OS Deployment
Step 7- On Raid configuration screen , Select the RAID type you want to configure and Click next.

IBM_Lenovo Raid Configuration

Step 8- Select Disk size and File System and click Next for other screens.

IBM_Lenovo Disk Size and File System

IBM_Lenovo Raid Configuration 1

Step9-  Unmount the Server Guide from IMM Remote Mount and Mount Windows OS ISO.

Step10- Setup will search for required files and will start Windows Installation.

OS Install on IBM Lenovo x240

Step 11- Installation of OS will start.

OS Installation IBM Felx x240


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