Deploy CrowdStrike Falcon Agent Using Intune

CrowdStrike is a cloud-based next-generation antivirus, EDR (endpoint detection and response) solution. You can deploy CrowdStrike in your infrastructure via a single lightweight agent. In this post, we will discuss how we can install CrowdStrike falcon agent / Sensor using Intune on Azure Ad joined devices.

CrowdStrike Intune

  • Use the following code in Install.cmd. You should use your own CID (Customer ID)

SET ThisScriptsDirectory=%~dp0

WindowsSensor.LionLanner.exe /install /quiet /norestart CID=02A1C79U38044E2XXXXXXX-FA

CrowdStrike Falcon Agent Install Switches

CID= Customer ID Checksum, which is required when installing.
MAINTENANCE_TOKEN= Bulk Maintenance Token is retrieved from the CrowdStrike site when performing upgrades.
/install Install the sensor (default).
/passive The installer shows a minimal UI with no prompts.
/quiet The installer shows no UI and no prompts.
/norestart Prevents the host from restarting at the end of the sensor installation.


  • Now create an Intune package using Intune Packaging App. (Change source path and destination folder path)

PS C:\IntuneAppsWinAppsUtil> .\IntuneWinAppUtil.exe

           Please specify the source folder: C:\CrowdStrike
           Please specify the setup file: Install.cmd
           Please specify the output folder: C:\CrowdStrike
           Do you want to specify catalog folder (Y/N)?N

Install CrowdStrike Intune

  • Select App Package file which we created earlier.

CrowdStrike Sensor Intune

  • Add app information such as Name & Publisher

Crowdstrike Deployment Intune

  •  Specify the commands to install and uninstall this app

Intune CrowdStrike Installation

  • Select both OS system architecture and minimum OS to Windows 10 1607

Falcon Agent Intune

  •  On detection rule, select “Manually configure detection rules and Rule type Register”

Intune Detection Rule

Path : C:\Program Files\CrowdStrike
File or folder : CSFalconController.exe

  • Assign to the group you want to deploy printer using Intune.



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