Active Directory Installation in Windows Server 2019

Active Directory is used for centralised administration of network objects such as computers, users, and printers. In this blog post, we will discuss how we can install an active directory in Windows Server 2019.

This process includes the installation of the Active Directory role in the Windows server and then promoting it to a domain controller. During this process, we will also install the DNS (Domain Name System) role which is necessary for Active Directory to work without any issues.

The requirement for Active Directory Installation

  • An operating system (2012/2016/2019)
  • Administrator user and password
  • NTFS partition with enough free space
  • A NIC with properly configured TCP/IP

Installation of Active Directory

Before Installing the Active Directory, we need to make sure that the Server has static IP on NIC.  Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections and right-click on network Ethernet card and select properties. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.

AD NIC Configuration

We also need to change the computer/hostname because once the Active Directory role is installed, we will not be able to change the computer name.

AD Computer Name

Select Start Menu and Select Server Manager

Server Manager

From the Menu bar, select Manage and “AD Roles and Features”

AD Roles

Active Directory installation wizard has been started.
Before You Begin: We need to make sure that the following tasks have been completed and select next
The administrator account has a strong password
Network Settings, such as static IP addresses, are configured
The most current security updates from Windows Updates are installed.

AD Installation Wizard

Installation Type: We will select “Role-based or feature-based installation” and next.

AD Role Installation

Server Selection: We will select the local server where we are installing an active director role.

AD Install Server Selection

Server Roles: We will select “Active Directory Domain Services”, it will pop up another window to install some features which are required for Active Directory installation.

Active Directory Domain Services Role

In the next step, we will select the “DNS Server” role and its required features.

AD DNS Server Install

Features: We will not install any additional features and select the next

Windows Server Features

AD DS: No action required, its only information that what are Active Directory Domain Services,  select next

AD DS Installation
DNS Server: No action required, it’s only information about the DNS server and why it is required for Active Directory.

DNS Server Installation
Confirmation: This is a confirmation before installing the Active Directory Domain Services, You can view all the roles and features and you can go back into the wizard to add them if you missed any of them. Select install.

Confirm AD Installtion

Results: You will see the progress of Active Directory Domain Services and DNS role installation and final results to make sure that installation succeeded. Select Close

AD Installation Result

Promote Windows Server to Domain Controller

Role and feature installation of Active Directory has been completed, now the next step is to promote this server to a domain controller.
Open Server Manager and select the yellow icon, you will find an option there to promote this server to the domain controller.
Promote to Domain Controller

Deployment Configuration: This is the first domain controller so we will select the option “Add a new forest” and provide the “Root domain name”. Please make sure that the domain name is correct because you will not be able to change it later.

AD New Forest

Domain Controller Options: We will set the Forest functional level and Domain functional level. We will select Windows Server 2016. We also need to provide a Directory restore mode (DSRM) password which is important to keep safe somewhere and will require when need to restore Active directory domain services.
AD Functional Level

DNS Options: No action required, we can safely ignore this warning.

AD DNS Options

Additional Options: No action is required; we will use the same NetBios Domain name as a domain name.

NetBios Domain Name

Paths: On this screen, we can specify the location of the Database folder, Log files folder, and SYSVOL folder or leave the default location path.

Review Options: We will review all the options and change if needed.
Review AD Options

Prerequisites Check: System will check all the prerequisites and if validation successful, we can install Active Directory. You may ignore some warnings about cryptography and DNS delegation.

Installation: On this screen, we can review the progress of Active Directory installation and the server will restart automatically.

AD Installation Progress

Once restart is completed. You can log in on the server. Active Directory Domain Services have been installed.


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