How to Enable Chrome Bookmarks with Intune

In this article, We will discuss how we can enable a chrome managed bookmark using Intune. We can manage Google Chrome using a custom configuration policy with the help of the Chrome ADMX file.

Chrome Managed Bookmarks

  • You need to download the Chrome browser for Enterprise, Make sure that you have already installed Chrome enterprise version on Azure domain-joined client devices.
  • Step 2- Extract the Zip file which you downloaded in the first step.  Browse to this path GoogleChromeEnterpriseBundle64\Configuration\admx

You will find chrome.admx file, We need the content of this file later in configurations.

Step 4- Select Device Configuration and Profile inside that. Select Create profile

Intune Profile

  •  We will create a profile for Chrome managed bookmarks
    Platform – Windows 10 and later
    Profile – Custom

Create Intune profile

  •  We will start with chrome admx ingestion


chrome admx ingestion

  •  On the settings tab, Select Add, You can use the following values for Edit Row section

Name – Chrome ADMX Ingestion
Description – Chrome ADMX Ingestion
Data Type – String
Value – Paste the content of the file which we discussed in step 2

chrome admx ingestion settings

  •  Select Add again and fill with following values

Name – Chrome – ADMX  – ManagedBookmarks
Description – Chrome – ADMX  – ManagedBookmarks
OMA-URI – ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Chrome~Policy~googlechrome/ManagedBookmarks
Data Type – String
Value –

<data id=’ManagedBookmarks’ value='[{“toplevel_name”:”Company Bookmarks”},{“url”:””,”name”:”Microsoft”},{“url”:””,”name”:”Technet”}] ‘/>

Chrome managed bookmarks

  •  On the Assignment tab, assign to a group

Intune group assignments

  •  On Review + create tab, create the profile.

Once you created Chrome favorites or managed bookmarks intune profile, restart the client device, or manually sync to take effect.

End-User Result
Chrome favorties intune


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