Configure Lid Close Action Using Intune

Microsoft added the following additional power CSP settings in Windows 10 1903 version, however, in this article, we will only discuss about that how you can configure the lid close action (when i close the lid) using Intune when notebook/ laptop is plug into power.

You can use these settings on following editions of Windows 10

Intune Power Settings

Intune configure lid close action

Step 1-  Open and select Intune or search Intune from search bar which is located op top

Intune Device Power Settings

Step 2-  Select Device configuration

Intune Device configuration

Step 3-  Select Profiles from right side menu

Intune Device Profiles

Step 4-  Select create profile

Intune Create Profile

Step 5-  Select the options as below
Platform :  Windows 10 and later
Profile : Custom

Step 6- Enter name and description of custom profile

Intune custom profile

Sep 7-  Select Add in configuration settings tab and enter the following settings in Ass Row section

Name: You write whatever you want
Description: You can write any thing you want
OMA-URI: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Power/SelectLidCloseActionPluggedIn
Data Type: Integer
Value: 0

Intune custom profile settings

Step 8- Assign this Custom intune profile to group

Intune Power Profile

Step 9- Select create to save the custom profile.

Create Intune Profile

Step 10- Once profile is applied to user , you can see the following output on intune device

When i close the lid intune

Note :  You  change the settings of (when i close lid) from “Do nothing ” by using following integer values

  • 0 – Take no action
  • 1 – Sleep
  • 2 – System hibernate sleep state
  • 3 – System shutdown

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