Run EMC Grab for Esxi Hosts from Windows Clients.

Run EMC Grab for ESXi Hosts from Windows Clients.

EMC Grab is a small utility that can be used to get storage-related information (such as Network, HBA, and other hardware information) from ESXi hosts.

EMC Grab’s latest version can be downloaded directly from the EMC FTP server.

Once you will download the EMC Grab utility for Windows Clients, Unzip the file and follow the below steps,
1- Let’s suppose you have Unzip files in the C:\EMCGRAB folder

2- cd “C:\EMCGRAB\ESXi-Grab-1.3.10-release-windows-client-64\EMC-ESXi-GRAB-1.3.10” (Please make sure to edit this according to version change)
3- Run the following command, (SSH must be enabled on ESXi Host), It’s recommended to open the command prompt with administrative access.

emcgrab -host 10.10.x.x -user root -password vmsupport 

EMC Grab ESXI Host

4- You will receive some prompt if you don’t want to provide info, just press enter.

EMC Grab ESXI Host Output
5- Once the process is completed, you will find a file in the output folder or you can use  outdirc:\abc


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