How to Restrict Mailbox to One Mobile Device in Exchange 2013/2016

Throttling policy is a feature in Microsoft Exchange 2013 which provides flexibility to restrict messages and device connections to Exchange Server. In this article, we will explain gradually that how we can allow or restrict a mailbox to configure only on one mobile device while the default limit is 10.

By default, each mailbox has Global Throttling Policy, it is not recommended to change that policy, instead, create a new throttling policy and assign that to the mailbox.

Our objective in this article is to restrict “IT.infra” mailbox to allow ActiveSync Exchange configuration only on one mobile device while by default a mailbox can be configured on 10 devices.

Step 1
Create a new Throttling Policy, Policy name is “1Mobile”

New-ThrottlingPolicy -Name “1Mobile” -ThrottlingPolicyScope Regular

Step 2
The following command will show the new policy and limits which inherited from Global policy.

Get-ThrottlingPolicy -Identity “1Mobile” | select *Eas*

Step 3
This command will set concurrent connection 1 and allowed mobile device 1

Set-ThrottlingPolicy -EASMaxDevices 1  -EASMaxConcurrency 1 -Identity “1Mobile”

Step 4
The following command will show the new values which set using the above command.

Get-ThrottlingPolicy -Identity “1Mobile” | select *Eas*

Step 5
In this step, we will assign this policy to mailbox “IT.Infra”

Set-Mailbox “It.Infra” -ThrottlingPolicy “1Mobile”

Step 6
We can verify if the policy is assigned correctly to this mailbox.

Get-Mailbox -Identity “IT.infra” | select name,*Th*

We can also restrict OWA to keep one session by using property “-OWAMaxConcurrency 1” so you can open only one session of OWA at one time.

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