How to Backup & Restore Azure Virtual Machines

Azure virtual machines are an integral part of Azure Iaas (Infrastructure as a service). You can create a new Azure virtual machine in seconds with few clicks. Microsoft also provides an easy process to backup and restore the virtual machine. In this post, we will discuss that how we can backup & restore Azure virtual machine.

Backup Azure Virtual Machine (VM)

Go to Azure portal by navigating to

Search and select Recovery Services Vault in the Azure portal.Recovery Services Vault

Select Add or Create recovery Services vault.

Create Recovery Services Vault

Create a new resource group or use an existing one.

Resource Group

Enter vault name and Region. Select Review + Create

Select Go to resource

VM Backup Azure

Select Overview and Backup

Backup Azure VM
Where is your workload running?  Select Azure
What do you want to back up?  Select Virtual machine
Select Backup
Azure Backup GoalYou can use the default backup policy or create a new one
Select Add to add virtual machine in this backup policy

Azure Backup PolicySelect the virtual machine which you want to backup. Select OK and Enable Backup.VM Backup

Go back to Recovery Services Vault. Select Backup Items from Protected items menu

Select Azure Virtual Machine

Azure Backup Items

Azure Virtual Machine Backup

  • Start the Initial Backup by selecting “Backup now”

Azure Vm Backup Now

You can view the backup progress in “Backup Jobs”

Azure Backup Jobs

Restore Azure VM (Virtual Machine)

Make sure that the virtual machine is stopped and de-allocated before starting the restore process.

Select the Backup items and select Azure Virtual Machine

Select Restore VM
Final Restore VM

Select Restore point
Select Replace existing (it will restore the same VM)
Restore Type: Replace Disks
Staging Location: Storage account
Restore Azure Virtual Machine

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