Failed to update diagnostics for ‘/providers/microsoft.aadiam’

Log Analytics is a tool in Microsoft Azure portal which we can use for collecting logs and metrics from Azure services such as Azure AD, Virtual machines, Storage accounts, Key vaults etc. The process of enabling Log Analytics is quite straight forward, however, when you add diagnostic settings for Azure AD in Log Analytics workspace, You will get the following error.

Failed to update diagnostics for ‘/providers/microsoft.aadiam’.{“code”:”Conflict”,”message”:”The subscription ‘01712935-a25d-47758119-009617eaf92g’ is not registered to use microsoft.insights.”}.

Updating Diagnostics


You can fix the above issue by registering “microsoft.insights” from resourse providers in your subscription.

You will find that its already registered but its not acctually, so select the provider and click Re-register

Resource providers

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