Failed to Deploy OVF Package: Invalid Configuration for Device 6

Failed to Deploy OVF Package: Invalid Configuration for Device ‘6’

During the import of an OVF (Open Virtualization Format) file into VMware, encountering the error message “Failed to deploy OVF Package: Invalid configuration for device ‘6’” can be frustrating. This issue often stems from a misconfiguration within the OVF file, specifically related to a device—typically a CD/DVD drive—causing the deployment to fail. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to address this problem and successfully import your OVF package into VMware.

Identifying the Issue:

The error message points to an invalid configuration concerning a specific device, usually labeled as ‘6’. This issue commonly arises due to a section within the OVF file related to a CD/DVD drive configuration. The erroneous configuration prevents the successful deployment of the OVF package.

Failed to Deploy

Solutions :

A viable solution involves manually editing the OVF file using a text editor like Notepad or Wordpad. Follow these steps to resolve the error:

  1. Locate the Problematic Section: Open the OVF file in the text editor and search for the CD/DVD drive configuration section resembling the following:

<Item ovf:required="false">
<rasd:ElementName>CD/DVD drive 1</rasd:ElementName>
<vmw:Config ovf:required="false" vmw:key="backing.exclusive" vmw:value="false" />

  1. Remove the Problematic Section: Delete or comment out the entire CD/DVD drive configuration section from the OVF file. Ensure to remove it completely to avoid any conflicts during the deployment process.
  2. Save the Edited OVF File: After making the necessary changes, save the modified OVF file.
  3. Retry the Deployment: Attempt to import the edited OVF file into VMware. This time, the deployment should proceed without encountering the previous error related to the ‘Invalid configuration for device ‘6”.


Import OVF

Encountering the “Failed to deploy OVF Package: Invalid Configuration for Device ‘6’” error while importing an OVF file into VMware can be resolved by manually editing the OVF file to remove the problematic CD/DVD drive configuration section. This simple solution allows for a successful deployment, enabling users to effectively utilize their virtualized environments without any problem.

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