Enabling Lock Screen after Inactivity Using GPO

Enforcing lock screen after inactivity means if the computer / Pc is idle for a certain time, it should be lock automatically. This is really helpful in terms of the security of the computer. We can achieve this easily by using group policy.

Lock Screen GPO Windows 10

Step 1: Click on Start Menu and search Group Policy Management, click Group Policy Management

Enabling Lock Screen

Step 2: Right-click group policy objects and click New

Enabling Lock Screen GPO

Step 3: Provide GPO name and click Ok

Lock Screen GPO

Step 4: Once Lock Screen GPO created. Right-click on it and click edit.

GPO for Lock Screen

Step 5 : Navigate to the below path

Computer Configurations –> Policies –> Windows Settings –> Security Settings –>Local Policies –>  Security Options

On right pane , find Interactive logon: Machine inactivity limit and double click.

WIN 10 Screen idle lock

Step 6: Enable to define this policy settings checkbox. Enter the required value such as if you want to gpo lock computer after 15 minutes then add value in seconds which will be 900

Lock Screen GPO Windows 1

Step 7: Restart Client PCs or run gpoupdate /force command to take effect of this screen lock policy

Step 8: Link this new GPO to your Computer OU

Note: You can use the same procedure to Lock screen using GPO for Standalone PC.

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