How to Enable Azure AD Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) is a feature in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) that allows users to reset their passwords on their own without the need for help from an administrator. When users forget their passwords or get locked out of their accounts, they can use SSPR to regain access quickly and easily. This is done through various authentication methods, such as answering security questions, using email or phone verification, or using an authenticator app.

Benefits of enabling SSPR

Convenience for Users: SSPR empowers users to regain access to their accounts without waiting for help, which saves time and reduces frustration.

Improved Productivity: With SSPR, users can quickly reset their passwords, leading to less downtime and increased productivity.

Reduced Help Desk Workload: Administrators spend less time handling password-related requests, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.

Enhanced Security: SSPR includes multi-factor authentication options, making it more secure than traditional password reset methods.

Customizable Settings: Administrators can configure SSPR according to the organization’s security policies and choose appropriate verification methods.

Requirements for setting up SSPR:

Azure AD Premium P1 or P2 License: SSPR is available with Azure AD Premium P1 or P2 licenses. Verify that your organization has the required license.

Necessary user permissions for SSPR configuration:

Global Administrator: To enable SSPR and configure settings, you need Global Administrator privileges in Azure AD.

Enabling  Self Service Password Reset in Azure AD

Step 1. Login to Azure portal

Step 2. Click on Users from the left menu


Step 3. Select Password Reset from the left Menu.

Self Service Password Reset

Step 4. Select Properties and you have 3 options. Apply to all Users or select a specific group or None.


Note: These settings only apply for end users, admins are always enabled for self-service password reset.

Self Service Password Reset Authentication Method

Step 4. Select “Authentication methods” from the left menu.¬† You can choose one or two authentication methods that will be used for password reset. Azure AD Users will receive a code according to chosen authentication method for Self service password reset.

Overall, implementing Azure AD Self-Service Password Reset is a win-win situation for organizations and their users. It streamlines the password reset process, improves security, and boosts productivity, contributing to a smoother and more efficient IT environment. With the increasing importance of security and user experience, adopting SSPR is a prudent step for any organization seeking to enhance its authentication mechanisms.


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