Convert .Crt Certificate to .Cer Certificate

Convert .Crt Certificate to .Cer Certificate

There are different format of certificates available such as Crt, Cer, Pfx etc. and each application has its own requirement. Most popular format of certificate on Linux & Windows is pfx, however, there is different method used to install on both operating systems.

Objective: Conversion of .Crt Certificate to .Cer Certificate


  • Double click on Crt certificate file
    Crt to Cer Certificate














  • Click on details tab.Click on “Copy to File…”
    Cer Certificate Copy to File














  • Certificate Export Wizard will start , Click Next
    Certificate Export Wizard














  • On Export File Format screen, Select “Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER)”
    Convert to Cer file














  • Click browse to provide file name and path to store converted certificate from .Crt to .Cer.
    Certificate File to Export

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